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Spider Solitaire (4 Suits)

Welcome to Solitaire Owl! Here you can play classic Spider (4 Suits) Solitaire card game, online and free. Enjoy the game in full screen, customize card back design and game background.

Spider Solitaire (4 Suits) is the most challenging variation of Spider Solitaire, using all four suits—Hearts ♥, Spades ♠, Diamonds ♦, and Clubs ♣.

How to Play Spider Solitaire 4 Suits


Spider Solitaire 4 Suits uses two decks, making up a total of 104 cards. 54 cards are dealt into ten tableau piles: the first four piles receive 6 cards each, and the remaining six piles get 5 cards each. The top card of each pile is dealt face up, while the others are face down. The remaining 50 cards form the stock pile.

Spider Solitaire setup


Your objective is to fill 8 empty foundations by arranging card sequences in the tableau from King to Ace in descending order. Card suit doesn’t matter, you are allowed to place cards independent of the suit. Once a sequence is finished, transfer it to an empty foundation. The game is won when all foundations are full and the tableau is empty.


  • The top cards of the tableau piles are available to play. When you move a card from a tableau pile, the card beneath it is turned face up and becomes playable.
  • In the tableau, you can build sequences of cards in descending order from King to Ace. The suit does not matter. When a complete sequence is formed, move it to the foundation.
  • You cannot place a King on an Ace.
  • Any single card or sequence of cards can be placed on an empty tableau pile.
  • If there are no available moves, click on the stock to deal one card to each tableau pile. You can deal from the stock up to 5 times.
  • There is no stock re-deal.

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